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> We have successfully launched 1st NFT Collection, Website and Social Media

> Informational Video Publication about the project

> 2nd NFT Collection launch

> 100% of Funds from NFT sale and Donations will go to develop Token, Platform, App


> Creation of Token and making it more available . (Swaps, Exchanges, Markets)

> Team expansion, project redesign, and start of the App Development

> Publication of Survey system for Community about App and Platform Development


> NFT Holder Reward System Publication (+Benefit system within the platform)

> Expanding and Partnering with other Projects and Companies

> Production of physical products

> Second Marketing Push


> Release of the app

> Integration of the token in the app

> Reward System completion

> 2nd NFT project and Virtual Reality World Development


TRINE DIVINE is an up-and-coming crypto project focusing on creating a platform where cryptocurrencies could be implemented more in our day-to-day life.

The goal is to provide a platform where people or businesses can post a task they want to be done and users can pick and complete the tasks. Users of the platform will have the opportunity to try out all kinds of tasks and broaden their experience.

This will be a perfect way to make money on the side, after work or even go full time. Some tasks might have some requirements like owning a car or computer, but the main goal is to make the tasks accessible to everyone and be easily managed via an app.

In addition to creating a job marketplace, we want to implement a goods service as well. With our own listings and also user-submitted listings.

Cryptocurrencies earned from tasks can be withdrawn or used in the marketplace making the price of the cryptocurrency stable and reliable. With the only transaction method being crypto, international tasks will be much more appealing to task submitters and users. No more complications with international money transfers and no additional charges.

Unifying the world and crypto is our main focal point. To realize our project, additional funding is required and we want this to be a project for the people, by the people.

That's why instead of going to a large investor, we have stayed in the spirit of crypto and created a NFT collection with the sole purpose of using all the money to create this project.

And by using an NFT, we can keep track of the holders and reward them when the project starts taking form. This is the way we plan on giving back to the community. Additional reward programs will be made to give back to larger holders.

After NFT launch and marketing push We will begin creation of Token that will be used to support the Platform.

Funds from NFT Sale and Donations Will Be provided as liquidity for Token and to found creation of an App.